Easier management of Office 365 Licensing

The Paloma 365 team will consolidate your agreement into one contract that allows your renewals to be coterminous. By leveraging our team as your CSP, managing licenses and software upgrades, and any Support needed alongside those licenses will be handled by a single point of contact. We also offer customizable billing cycles to suit the needs of your unique business model, whether it be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Minimize disruption with Office 365 Migration and Implementation.

During a data migration and implementation, our team’s priority is to minimize disruption to your regular operations. Everything begins with a business-first approach, so once we set up a scoping call with your team to determine the best plan of action for your business, we’ll implement based on those needs, and manage any issues along the way, for a seamless transition and flawless execution.

We’re a team of certified Microsoft consultants and engineers with experience in both on-premise and Cloud-based Microsoft Solutions. We’re technical engineers with business process experts that are passionate about working with our clients.

We are unique for three reasons: 

  1. We have a deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Solutions.
  2. Our delivery is smooth.
  3. We are fully transparent every step of the way.

Our team has a passion for implementing Microsoft Cloud technology and delivering exceptional results for our clients. It’s about the business process first, and technology second. With our team, you get a straight forward approach and the right Microsoft solution that fits the unique needs of your business.


Benefits of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Same Microsoft Office 365 Licenses Same features and benefits. 
None of the call centers and run-around. 
Your migration and support issues are handled by the Paloma 365 team from start to finish, 
and we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Office 365 Deployment

Microsoft’s CSP program streamlines the process for onboarding, reduces the time it takes to overcome the learning curve, and the solutions are customized specifically to drive your organization’s productivity, collaboration, and culture.

Admin Portal Control

Nothing changes! You still have full access to the Admin Portal and can see everything related to your Office 365 environment. You decide the extent to which your CSP is involved.

Customizable Billing

Month, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual billing. Your choice for easier budgeting. No “surprises.” Additionally, we consolidate your agreement into one contract that allows your renewals to be coterminous.

Office 365 Support

O365 is obviously the objective, but the value of a CSP goes above and beyond the software itself. You have direct access to Support and professional advice on which solutions make sense as your business grows.

Reliable and Personalized 
Office 365 Management and Support

While Microsoft does offer their own Support, SMBHD can give your team the kind of attention a small to medium-sized business needs. We offer ongoing support and assistance to your end-users, not just your administrators, and we’ll manage updates, upgrades, licenses, moves and changes, and any other Microsoft-related issues that may arise along the way.


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