Our philosophy


What is Quality? Quality is about much more than describing a product or service as “good.” 

Paloma Quality Management (PQM) goals are to provide a service and a product that exceeds customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations. 

PQM addresses the root causes through continuous improvement rather than the symptoms. Organizations can rest easy knowing that our approach to quality management is designed to increase customer satisfaction, reducing cycle time and costs, eliminating errors, and rework using a set of defined tools such as Root Cause Analysis.

PQM goal is to create a culture of accountability within our teams that maintain an atmosphere of constant innovation and improvement.


Paloma's team is geared towards performing at a level that that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output.

We understand that every organization is unique and you may want to leverage your managed services differently than other businesses in the industry. We work hard on providing a customized efficient and flexible approach that collaborates with multi-vendor environments or integrates your old systems with new ones according to new updates in pertinent technology.

Our processes are set, defined, and refined on a continual basis to meet the ever-changing technology and endless company growths.

Fair Prices

Our team works hard every day to provide experience customers know they can trust and one that is absolutely hassling free – an experience we would want for ourselves and our families. 

One of the many ways we do this is by pricing our services and products with a fair market-based price, not an inflated price that customers have to worry about haggling over or worry about going over budget. We want our customers to know that they are getting a fair deal by providing you with competitor pricing modules.

We give you information about all of our services and products upfront, and a clear picture of our pricing, so that you can see how hard we work to provide you with a fair, hassle-free price to simplify your purchase.

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