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In today's remote working modern business technology comes with a wealth of benefits, but also an equal amount of new things that can go wrong. Our certified technicians will implement cutting-edge IT solutions to make your systems secure and optimized, then provide proactive maintenance and fast, 24/7/365 support to ensure they stay that way. 

Expert guidance and strategy for your IT to ensure a prosperous future for your organization. 

How do you get the maximum ROI from your IT investments?

From cabling and Wi-Fi network planning to software procurement to IT project management, the Paloma's consulting team has extensive knowledge and expertise to align your technology with your business goals. 

We’ll help you transform your IT from a simple convenience to an indispensable competitive edge and lay out a long-term strategy for success.



Desktops, laptops, and monitors all at a discounted price through our partnerships.

Firewalls & Switches

Get the protection and performance your business deserves.

Networking & Servers

Accelerate your business with the right technology. Leasing & financing available.


As a Certified Gold Partner of Microsoft, we specialize in CSP licensing as well as other software licensing.

A good internet provider will offer reliable service over a broad area with multiple speed options at competitive prices. 

We provide tools like our internet speed quiz to recommend the ideal speed for your needs.

Our partnership with a vast list of ISPs below highlights the “best” in their own way.

  • Spectrum – Best for low fees
  • AT&T – Best fiber-optic availability
  • CenturyLink – Best for fast DSL speeds
  • Frontier – Best for low-cost DSL
  • Verizon Fios – Best fiber-optic internet provider
  • Xfinity – Best for fastest max speeds

We utilize our tools and your business requirements to provide the best ISP and features that set provide the quality your business needs. 

More than just a managed solutions provider, Paloma has the telecommunications tools you need to transform your small to mid-size business.

Whether you need a communications solution that supports digital handsets that can re-use existing wiring or one that provides your business with access to the latest in IP phones and productivity-enhancing applications, or even one that provides mobility solutions to support your employees on the go, our Hosted Voice team has the right solutions to fit your budget needs.

Flexible & Scalable

Enjoy adaptable IP networking that provides the ability for up to 99 sites to be connected together with full feature transparency, meaning it can easily evolve and grow as your business does.

Ideal for Employees On the Go!

Be more flexible and responsive to client needs, ensuring client-facing employees don’t miss important customer calls by twinning external mobile devices to employees’ desk phones.

Hybrid Solutions

Experience a digital / IP platform that combines the best of IP telephony and traditional digital-based phone system architectures.

Embedded Applications Suite

Instantly start benefitting through a complete suite of out-of-the-box business productivity applications, ensuring your business will benefit from reduced costs and enhanced staff productivity.

Licensing, migrations, tech support, and guidance for better adoption of Microsoft products

Cohesive team collaboration with Microsoft Office 365

Paloma specializes in providing full Office 365 licensing, implementation, and Support for your business. Used to its fullest potential, Office 365 will increase productivity within your organization by cutting out extraneous and ineffective tools and bringing everything you need to collaborate efficiently with your team (onsite and remote), into one single space in the Cloud.

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